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if you are tired of the mess that birds make...

Finding bird feces on your property on a daily basis can be really annoying and irritating. Pest birds like pigeons, crows, or seagulls can make your garden furniture, decking, balcony, entrance, parking cars, or even the children’s outdoor playing area dirty. These birds love to use building surfaces to land and rest, looking for leftover food, or even building a nest.

Bird feces is acidic, which means that it can cause damage and corrosion to your property. In addition to being damaging to buildings, it has many health concerns as well.

Birds and their droppings can carry

up to 60 different types of diseases,

which are easily transmittable to humans and can cause serious health issues.

bird spike installation

why to choose us for bird spike installation?

Professional Staff

Professional Staff

Our technicians are fully certified, qualified and trained, working only with professional equipment.

DM Approved

DM Approved

Our company is Dubai Municipality approved, and we comply with all the DM standards and regulations.

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Easy Installation

Bird spikes are flexible, can be cut to size and fit perfectly basically anywhere. Installation happens with glue or screws.

bird spike installation services

Not Harmful to Birds

While the spikes prevent the birds from landing, they don’t get hurt or injured from it.

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Minimized Health Risk

With no bird feces around, you can easily protect yourself and your family from many transmittable diseases.

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